Sunday, May 16, 2010

YW Fundraising Carnival... and Memories

On Tuesday, we headed to the church to join in the Young Women's Fundraising BBQ and Carnival.

The kids had a great time getting their faces painted, throwing darts, eating cotton candy, and getting balloon animals from the clown at the carnival while Andy and I got some time to visit and watch the auction. We bid on....and won...some babysitting and a bench. It was lots of fun on a rainy evening.

Since Andy was visiting, he handed me his checkbook to take care of our winnings. When I opened up the check book to write the check, I noticed this picture. It had been a while since I had seen it and it made me smile to think he still had it in his checkbook.

This is the picture of our very first date back in 1993. I'll spare all the details and just say that my mom and brother had asked him for I did not want to waste my hard earned money on some boy at some dance. They had just picked him out of the yearbook...only knowing he was tall and was good at basketball.
6 years to the day of that first date...we were married. That was over 17 years ago..and I still look the same...minus the huge white bow on my head. :) Thanks, Mom for making me go on that date. Thanks, Andy for the wonderful memories for the past 17 years and for many years to come. I love you!

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Connie said...

17 years? My time flies when you're having fun! And you're welcome!