Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Cyrus Part 2

Our little Cyrus turned 4 years old last week. He is our little peace maker and people pleaser. He is a wonderful big brother to Kelsey and little brother to Emily. I love it when he tells me that I'm one of his best moms....not quite sure where the other moms are...definately not here cleaning the house. He allows Kelsey to crawl all over him and 99% of the time will give Emily what ever she wants. We love him and are so grateful that he is a part of our family.

Here are just a couple of pictures of his early years as well as those that attended his party.

Happy Birthday Mr. Cyrus Part 1

On Cyrus' actual birthday, we had a little birthday party during the day at our house. He and Adalyn helped make and decorate the cake and couldn't wait to DIG IN! When we gathered around the table to sing Happy Birthday, Cyrus looked at me and asked, "Well, where are the other customers?" I asked him what customers and he said, "Everyone who's going to sing to me". I had to remind me that his big party was going to be the following Saturday. Poor kid just wanted more customers...don't we all?

Here are just a few pictures of the customers that WERE there and the delicious cake!

Warm Weather...FINALLY!

We were finally able to go outside and enjoy some warm weather last week. This is ALOT better than staying inside and watching Wow Wow Wubsy or Little Bill....welll...I guess it all depends on who you're asking. Here are just a couple of photos of our day in the backyard.

Nothing says spring like a fist full of Oreos

Not really sure....

Little Caitlyn would NOT get out of the swing. I really need to invest in a battery powered swing set...than I could be the one sitting on the steps eating Oreos!

Even our favorite dancing/singing squirl got in on the action.

Who needs a tree house when you've got a dog house?

Friday, March 27, 2009


While cleaning out an old computer, Andy found some old photos and videos. This was too good not to share. Thanks to Uncle Jordan's taping talents and Grandma's coaching skills! It's obvious Emily's dancing talent comes from her mother.