Sunday, May 16, 2010

Relaxing Sunday

After quite a crazy week, it's nice to relax and...

...enjoy a nice piece of chocolate cake (diet starts Monday)

...take a little nap on the comfortable kitchen floor (ignore the fact that it needs to be mopped...again)

...enjoy a peaceful family walk through the neighborhood

HAPPY HAPPY SUNDAY! Are we ready for Monday?....Bring it ON!!

What a Weekend!

With the beautiful weather this weekend, it was time to PLANT THE GARDEN. We started Friday night and finished up Saturday morning. Whew! I wish I could say the hardest part is behind us...but now we need to keep up on the weeding. YUCK! Oh well...

(Strawberry Patch)

(Vegetable Garden)

Luckily we had lots of help from Kelsey and Cyrus...not quite sure was Emily is doing...but I'm sure it helped us get that garden in.

We also took a trip north to Roy to celebrate cousin Conner's birthday party. It was a quick little trip, but we enjoyed some cake, jumping on the trampoline, and playing with Conner's new toys.

On the way back, we decided to stop in at the local "after hours" doctor clinic. Cyrus had jumped out of our swing Friday afternoon and had been favoring his hand ever since. It looked a bit swollen so we thought we should probably have it checked out. SURPRISE! He had broken his wrist. He is now in a splint until the swelling goes down, then he gets a "real" cast on Wednesday. He was excited when the cute FEMALE doctor was telling him all about how cool casts are...he gets to pick the color...people get to sign it...etc. Once we got outside, he got pretty somber. When I asked him what was wrong he said.."So does this mean I don't get to go to preschool?" When I told him he could still go to preschool he then asked, "What about jumping on Grandma and Grandpa's trampoline? Can I still do that?" After telling him he could do that too, he was just fine. We'll see how happy he is after 4 weeks of the real cast.

We went to sacrament meeting but he would not go to his classes. He said that he didn't like everyone looking at him. Poor little guy. I hope preschool is better for him tomorrow.

She Wears Me Out

Why is it when I need to stick to a schedule and get things done, there are those that try to keep me from completing anything??

Let me introduce you to Miss can see she has had an eventful morning. I had made some chocolate peanut butter bars in the morning to be ready for the kids for an after school snack....Kelsey enjoyed the frosting off of the bars while I was using the facilities. While cleaning up the chocolate mess, I realized things had gotten too quiet. Upon opening the door to my bathroom, I found the lovely miss Kelsey applying some mascara to her lushes eye well as the fronts of my bathroom cabinets. As I was cleaning up the mascara with my favorite tool...the Magic Eraser..I heard Alyson crying and realized she was laying (unprotected) on the ottoman. As I ran down the stairs and rounded the corner....I found this....

I must admit I was pretty impressed she was able to get Alyson into this feeding position. I'm guessing it wasn't a smooth transition to get to that point though....poor Alyson.

Apparently she wears herself out as well.....

NOW it's safe for me to use the bathroom.

YW Fundraising Carnival... and Memories

On Tuesday, we headed to the church to join in the Young Women's Fundraising BBQ and Carnival.

The kids had a great time getting their faces painted, throwing darts, eating cotton candy, and getting balloon animals from the clown at the carnival while Andy and I got some time to visit and watch the auction. We bid on....and won...some babysitting and a bench. It was lots of fun on a rainy evening.

Since Andy was visiting, he handed me his checkbook to take care of our winnings. When I opened up the check book to write the check, I noticed this picture. It had been a while since I had seen it and it made me smile to think he still had it in his checkbook.

This is the picture of our very first date back in 1993. I'll spare all the details and just say that my mom and brother had asked him for I did not want to waste my hard earned money on some boy at some dance. They had just picked him out of the yearbook...only knowing he was tall and was good at basketball.
6 years to the day of that first date...we were married. That was over 17 years ago..and I still look the same...minus the huge white bow on my head. :) Thanks, Mom for making me go on that date. Thanks, Andy for the wonderful memories for the past 17 years and for many years to come. I love you!

Belly up to the Bar

Our kitchen table can sit 8 people when the leaf is in. I prefer not to have the leaf in during normal business hours as it take extra effort to walk around it and it starts to collect junk that we just move to the side of the table when it's time to eat. Last weekend we put the leaf in during a family Mother's Day party.

On Monday morning, I realized I had not taken out the leaf...and was a bit frusterated as I could not figure out a way to get it out all by we kept it in. When we sat down for dinner Monday night, Emily discovered the perfect way to use up the extra space....invite 'Ol Alyson to join us. It actually worked great...and Alyson had a good time too. I'll just have to add her to the kitchen job list now.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Smile - Just Because

Tulip Festival

Many people head to Thanksgiving Point during the Tulip Festival to take pictures of the beautiful flowers and wonderful landscapes. We walked through the park for over an hour and saw flowers, waterfalls, perfect landscaping, and other beautiful scenes of nature. As we were heading out, Andy mentioned that it was too bad that we had forgotten the camera. Holy Macaroni! I actually HAD brought the camera! So I whipped it out and took a couple of pictures of what was REALLY beautiful kiddos with smiles on their faces. No flowers....maybe next time.

No furniture at Thanksgiving point - took this one earlier that day at home. Just didn't want to leave her it's cute.

Happy Mother's Day

There's something about watching my child sing a Mother's Day song that makes me want to be a better mother. (especially since my last post) Cy's preschool had a Mother's Day program, and I think he was the cutest singer there. Here's proof.

Of course Kelsey couldn't let Cyrus be in the limelight by himself. She decided to see what the view was like from the stage.

Happy Mother's Day!

"The Greatest Mom" or Magic of Mamma Mia??

I think we all have our days in which we feel like we could be the Mother of the Year and other know. Thursday was one of those...well...days. I think my kids heard many, if not all, of the following... multiple times (and not in a soft, peaceful voice):


It was a home full of anger, verbal abuse, mild violence, pouting, disobedience, and more anger. I was so happy when Andy got home (as were the kids). We had dinner, and I headed upstairs to finish folding the clothes. I didn't care what everyone else was doing. I just needed to get away.

I came downstairs later on and Andy had everyone gathered together with popcorn watching Mamma Mia. I had set the DVR to record it that afternoon and Andy had found it for them to watch. When the movie was over, Andy took the kids upstairs to brush teeth and he put them to bed. I was still smoulding a bit and still just wanted to be alone.

I finally went upstairs and noticed that the lamp was still on in the kids room. I walked in and Emily said, "Mom, you're the greatest Mom ever". I asked her why and she said, "Because you recorded Mamma Mia. I love to sing and dance with the songs".

The Magic of Mamma Mia had overpowered the "Worst Mother of the Year" least for the day. I've either got to start behaving myself, or finding more movies to record on the DVR.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bed Time

Gotta make sure that pacifier is clean before putting it in Alyson's mouth...what a great sister.

And of course a baby can't go to bed without a nice YO GABBA GABBA. She makes her mom so proud.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And We're Back...

We're turning over a new leaf and going to try to keep this blog a bit more updated.
Apparently some people think that every 6 months is a bit long between we'll try to do better.

We'll start off with the newest member of the Badger Den...little Baby Alyson. She joined us March 9th. There will be plenty more pictures of her to come...thanks to the photo talents of Grandma, Emily, Cyrus, and Kelsey. Stay tuned....

And speaking of kids, my mom has a great giveaway going on at her blog this week. Check it out at