Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kitchen Clean-Up

After some help from Cousin Caitlyn to clean out all of the kitchen towels and oven mitts from the bottom drawer, Kelsey decided it was also time to clean out the drawer of large utensils. It's a good thing someone around here thinks cleaning is important.

Happy Birthday Kelsey Jean!

Kelsey turned 1 last Sunday!! HOORAY! Thanks to those who came to the PARTY! She sure has been a cutie this past year. We look forward to having her 100 more years....even though she is a bit of a bully and has vampire teeth. We love you Kelsey! You are a wonderful daughter and little sister! Here are just a few pictures of her party and her being cute.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Future Olympic Hopeful

In the spirit of the Olympics today, just thought I would share a quick clip from Cyrus' soccer camp. They usually finish the day with races. You will see that our Cy-man is their star runner. :) He loves to run, but not as much as he loves to hear people cheer as he's running. Enjoy....we did.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Children's Discovery Gardens

We took a fieldtrip last week to the Children's Discovery Gardens at Thanksgiving Point here in Lehi. We had not been there before but had so much fun that we will be going back again. The entire park is divided up into sections. After the first three sections, Emily and Cyrus got lost...errr ahhh...Kelsey and I got lost...anyway, Kelsey and I walked the entire gardens and couldn't find them. After about 45 minutes later, we saw them walking around. Apparently, they had found the "club house" and went inside to do some arts and crafts. It was a happy reunion and they had made some cute bookmarks. I decided to take the camera out and take picture of those cute case we got lost again.