Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a Weekend!

With the beautiful weather this weekend, it was time to PLANT THE GARDEN. We started Friday night and finished up Saturday morning. Whew! I wish I could say the hardest part is behind us...but now we need to keep up on the weeding. YUCK! Oh well...

(Strawberry Patch)

(Vegetable Garden)

Luckily we had lots of help from Kelsey and Cyrus...not quite sure was Emily is doing...but I'm sure it helped us get that garden in.

We also took a trip north to Roy to celebrate cousin Conner's birthday party. It was a quick little trip, but we enjoyed some cake, jumping on the trampoline, and playing with Conner's new toys.

On the way back, we decided to stop in at the local "after hours" doctor clinic. Cyrus had jumped out of our swing Friday afternoon and had been favoring his hand ever since. It looked a bit swollen so we thought we should probably have it checked out. SURPRISE! He had broken his wrist. He is now in a splint until the swelling goes down, then he gets a "real" cast on Wednesday. He was excited when the cute FEMALE doctor was telling him all about how cool casts are...he gets to pick the color...people get to sign it...etc. Once we got outside, he got pretty somber. When I asked him what was wrong he said.."So does this mean I don't get to go to preschool?" When I told him he could still go to preschool he then asked, "What about jumping on Grandma and Grandpa's trampoline? Can I still do that?" After telling him he could do that too, he was just fine. We'll see how happy he is after 4 weeks of the real cast.

We went to sacrament meeting but he would not go to his classes. He said that he didn't like everyone looking at him. Poor little guy. I hope preschool is better for him tomorrow.


Connie said...

Poor little Cyrus! I hope preschool goes well for him! Great looking strawberry patch. I'm sure Emily was doing something bery important for the garden.

Camille said...

I hate it when people look at me too! Maybe if I just close my eyes everywhere I go...
Poor Cy guy! But at least you got some help out of him before he went out of commission for the next few weeks!

The Newest Mexicans said...

He's the toughest cat I know. Not the most amazing swing-jumper... but tough as nails