Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy me!

When Andy asked what I wanted for my birthday, I told him that I wanted to go back to New York and see Wicked. I got what I wanted. My parents, my twin sister Camille, Andy, and I headed to New York on the red eye for a fun filled day. We saw the Statue of Liberty again and even went up the pedestal this time. That was a good little hike. We weren't allowed to go up to the top of the statue. We saw the Trump Towers and walked around the tip of Central Park. Of course our trip wouldn't have been complete without a New York hot dog. (It tasted a lot like a Utah hot dog to me...just to be honest)

We then went and saw Wicked....awesome show! I wouldn't mind seeing it birthday maybe?

It was a great trip and a wonderful birthday celebration! We were pretty tired, but it was nice to come home to these three hoodlums!

THANKS JILL and VILI for watching the dogs and kiddos while we were gone!!!! We owe you big time....what kind of cookies would you like me to make for you! ;)

Hiking in the Spring

We took advantage of some good weather a couple of weeks ago to get out on the mountains up American Fork Canyon. Our intention was to drive to a .5 mile easy hike that we had read about on the internet. It was rated 5 stars on the easy scale and had a couple of small lakes we would see. We thought that would be perfect for us inexperienced hikers. When we got up the canyon, the road to this easy hike was closed. We pulled off and decided to just "walk around" for a bit and see the mountainside since we were already there. We found another trail that other people were going on and decided to give it a try. It was a bit steeper than we had thought. The kids were fine, but I started to sweat a little bit (not something I was planning on doing). Most of the trail was a one person trail and about half of the time, there was a pretty good drop off. To make matters more exciting, Kelsey decided that she didn't want to be carried or hold anyone's hand. Only Emily was allowed to hold her. Ya, I was pretty relaxed through the whole 3 mile trip.

It was pretty fun and the views were awesome. We got to walk through some small streams and saw how powerful the rivers were running with the melting snow. We even found some patches of snow towards the top. The kids keep asking when we're going back. I'm still in recovery mode. Maybe a different hike with lots of room on both sides of the trail. No chance of falling over the edge...but then what would be exciting about that?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Apple Apple Who's got the Apple?

Kelsey loves fruit. She will eat any type and at any time. Her favorite though is the apple. She went around asking if anyone wanted a bite. No one wanted one.....

EXCEPT.....Tabrina. Thanks Kelsey!

Itty Bitty Baseball

Cyrus loves these Itty Bitty sports camps. This time around it was Baseball. He said his favorite training station was the hitting off of the T. He loved playing, but I think he loved it even more when his "girls" would yell for him. Adalyn and I would see who could yell "Go Cyrus" the loudest....I think Adalyn won....and we've been asked not to sign Cyrus up for any more camps. What can you do?

Emily's End of School Year Productions

Emily's 1st grade class performed a skit written by her teacher entitled "The King with the Dirty Feet". She played one of the servants. They practiced for months to read/memorize their parts with expression as well as making their own costumes and props. She did a great job and had a lot of fun.

She was also part of the 1st grade BATMAN dance. She showed us a little bit at home a few days before the performance, but wouldn't show us the whole thing. She's a born performer...always leaving her audience wanting more.

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Last month, we took a little trip to Disneyland and had a wonderful time. I have just posted some of the many pictures we took. Some of the highlights include the merry-go-round, the new Toy Story 3-D ride, and checking out the Wiener Truck parked at the hotel. We also had some pretty good pictures of our favorite characters...I'm not sure why they always tried to cover up Emily's face. Thanks to Mom, Camille, and the girls for a fun week. Where are we going next?

The longest line to wait in was to see the Princesses....and it was well worth it for these little princesses.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spring Break in New York!

I had been trying to do this for a long time and decided that spring break was a great excuse to get it done...Watch Out New we come!

My mom, Emily, and I took a "red eye" flight (leaving at 11:15PM) from Salt Lake City to New York City on Tuesday night. You can see that Emily was dressed for the occassion. Pretty smart girl.

Once we got to New York, we took a cab to Manhattan and Rockefeller Plaza where we got pictures at the ice-rink as well as at the Today show. As you can see, the weather was not great and Matt, Meridith, and Al stayed inside where it was warm and dry.

We then took our travels to Grand Central Station...AMAZING. There were people going everywhere and signs pointing to hundreds of subway routes. We were a bit overwhelmed, but with Grandma the tour guide, we found the right route. In fact, while we were waiting for the subway, another lady came up to us and asked if the number 7 subway would take us to a particular location...oh yes, we looked like locals even though this was our very first time. Emily loved the subway and listening to the various languages being spoken. She also loved seeing the different types of people...her favorite was this man with the tree of cotton candy. She's got good taste.

Of course we couldn't go to New York without seeing "The Green Lady". When asked what she wanted to do when we got to New York, Emily said she needed to see the green lady and get a hat like the prince did on the movie Enchanted. As you can see...all of her dreams came true! These are just a couple of pictures taken from the ferry that took us to the Statue of Liberty and Elis Island. We did not get off the ferry as we were running out of time, but we had some great views.

After walking through Times Square, we made it to the theatre on Broadway. HOORAY!! We were able to see The Lion King which was SPECTACULAR!! There is a lot of talent in New York, and not just on the subways.

After the performance, we went across the street to Planet Hollywood to eat and then to grab a cab to take us back to the airport. Our flight left at 9:30 Wednesday night and we were home early Thursday morning....EXHAUSTED...but so glad that we had gone. It was a great trip.

A special thanks to Mom for being our guide and for making it a super fun trip. And thanks to Andy for allowing his "girls" to travel across the country for a quick little adventure.