Sunday, May 16, 2010

Belly up to the Bar

Our kitchen table can sit 8 people when the leaf is in. I prefer not to have the leaf in during normal business hours as it take extra effort to walk around it and it starts to collect junk that we just move to the side of the table when it's time to eat. Last weekend we put the leaf in during a family Mother's Day party.

On Monday morning, I realized I had not taken out the leaf...and was a bit frusterated as I could not figure out a way to get it out all by we kept it in. When we sat down for dinner Monday night, Emily discovered the perfect way to use up the extra space....invite 'Ol Alyson to join us. It actually worked great...and Alyson had a good time too. I'll just have to add her to the kitchen job list now.


Connie said...

Keep that leaf in if you get to have that guest on your table!

The Newest Mexicans said...

This Connie lady is nuts. You know durn-well what will happen if you leave that leaf in. Bad Habits, that's what'll happen. Yup, Alyson will be floppin herself up onto that table (or anyones table for that matter) when she's 48, single and refuses to eat unless she's horizontal!