Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jump on It

Just a little clip of some fun we have during the day. Who needs a playground when you've got this? Thanks to cousin Keiti for joining in on the party!!

Soup...It's what's for Dinner

Using potatoes and onions from Mom and Dad's garden, we finished up our harvest canning by processing 76 quart jars of vegetable soup. With help from Camille, Mom, and of course the kids, we got everything peeled, cut, and placed in bottles in about 4 hours. It then took the rest of the day to process them, even with 2 canners going. Bring on the cold weather!

Family Fun Night

Last Thursday Emily's school had a "Family Fun Night" for the families of the students to roam the halls to view the work of their kids. We saw Emily's story as well as some art work. She also did a couple of presentations of songs she's learned in class. Here are some examples of our little super star.