Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Mexico Vacation

Over UEA weekend, we decided to take a road trip to New Mexico to see Uncle Dan and Aunt Nicole and their new home. Mom, Dad, Jacob, and us Badgers (minus Andy as he was hiking and biking with the scouts in Moab that weekend) loaded up and hit the road for 11 hours. I didn't take any pictures of the time on the know...angry eyes and all. Actually, the ride went better than I had expected. The kids traveled well thanks to portable DVD players and plenty of snack food. I must say that it was comical to be driving for hours looking at nothing but sagebrush, dirt, and small rural shacks and all of a sudden we pass a HUGE casino and hotel combo. Indian Reservations....
Once we got to New Mexico, we were shown all that New Mexico had to offer by our own personal tour guide Uncle Dan.
We experienced the zoo, the children's scientific discovery museum, the famous El Pinto mexican restaurant, and we ordered shakes in a diner on old Route 66. It was hard to leave but we look forward to taking the trip again. Maybe we'll even invite Andy to come along with us..:)

Cyrus showing us the sand and dirt on his hands from playing in the water erosion display. I think Jake had more fun in this one than any of us.

Jake, Emily, and Cyrus working on putting together a larger version of the game mouse trap. It really was fun to see how putting one item into action would result in other reactions.

Kelsey and Aunt Nicole discovering magic balls. These wiffle balls would float on the many streams of compressed air shooting through this table.

Kelsey playing pick-a-boo. She loved this discover museum.

Quick stop on the way there for a photo shoot at the Monticello Temple. This temple seemed even smaller than the church house that sat next to it. The parking lot was still full, even on a Thursday afternoon.

Cy just hitchin a ride at the zoo...

Cy on the train

Em and Cy checking out the monkeys.

What are they saying to each other?

Kelsey and the flamingos.

You just can't beat a good zoo train ride.

Waiting for the feeding of the Polar Bears. We were told that 2:30 was the magic time the polar bears would be fed. After waiting until 3:00, we decided that we had better go before those polar bears decided they couldn't wait any longer and grab one of us. I wonder who he would choose?

Sorry for the abundance of pictures on this post. We just had a wonderful time and would like to thank Grandpa for driving, (and not pulling over to leave any of us on the roadside)Jake for refereeing the twit contest that occured in the back seat a couple of times. A big thank you to Mom for protecting me from the mountain lions on our morning hikes, and helping to entertain the kids during the drive so that I could concentrate on finishing my book. And of course a big BIG thank you to Dan and Nicole for letting us invade your beautiful home, fight over your Wii, eat all of your food, and showing us a great time.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back Yard Musical...1

In celebration of High School Musical 3, I caught Emily and Cyrus practicing their own musical. Emily wrote the script and directed while Cyrus was the star. If you can't understand Cyrus, he's saying "I am a cowboy"..."Girls love me"..."Girls know that". You will also hear Emily giving him additional instruction (as all good directors should) I apoligize for the the shaking at the end of the video. I was trying not to laugh...didn't work.

Once Emily realized that I was taping, she wanted to be included in the production as well. Please note that I had Kelsey on my lap during this filming. I think she wanted my job.

End of Harvest

As we cleaned out the garden, it made me stop and realize how blessed we were this year. I can't even remember how many buckets of tomatoes we picked and bottled. Our pantry is full of salsa, tomato soup, Italian tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, and green beans bottled from our garden. We ate corn on the cob almost every night for weeks. It was fantastic. It will be nice to put the garden to sleep for the winter, in order to get rested up for next years crop. Whew!

Cupcake Day!!

We have started a weekly tradition to make and decorate cupcakes. It's been more out of necessity as my cake mixes and frostings are expiring. (I buy a years supply of cake mixes and then not use them...not smart.

Last week it got a bit out of hand. Someone lost control of the situation...Cyrus?? It's a good thing the maid was there to clean up the mess. :)

Clean up time...Caitlyn's not liking that at all!

You should have seen the bathtub after Kelsey's bath.

I'm looking forward to next weeks cupcake day!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Shopping Trip

I just want to preface this post with the fact that I strongly dislike shopping. I don't find enjoyment in it. I do any type of shopping (grocery, clothes, shoes, etc.) with a list and I try to get in and get out of the store as quickly as I can. Emily is just the opposite. I have known that Emily needed some more long pants for some time now, but I kept putting it off. With the weather changing, it became a necessity. I tried to get Andy to just pick up a pair of pants on his way home from work one day, but he thought it would be good if Emily and I had a "girls night out" and actually went out shopping for a Halloween costume and some pants. YIKES!!

We went to a couple of stores looking for the perfect costume. She loved looking at all of her options as well as the many accessories for each. After deciding on a witch costume, we headed to Kohl's department store for pants. I was in "get in and get out" mode. Emily was not. After deciding on the right pants, we were making a straight shot out when Emily spotted the handbag section. It took everything I could to stop and walk around the section as Emily "tried on" every purse and explained what outfits each purse would be perfect with. I must admit that I did start looking at handbags as well. It wasn't as painful and I thought it would be. After 20 minutes or so we left that department. Just when I thought we were almost out....I heard Emily say, "Georgeous!" I looked over and saw that she had made it to the jewelery department. We checked out bracelets, necklaces, and went over the "rules" of when she will be able to have her ears pierced. All of a sudden Emily said,"We're trapped!" I asked her what she meant. She asked me if we were going to buy any jewelery. I told her no. She then told me that we would need to close our eyes and get out fast if we were going to get out of the jewelery department without buying anything. Who is this girl?
It really was a fun girls night out and I look forward to going "shopping" with her again. I love you Emily.


Kelsey is starting to take a few steps. I really haven't wanted this day to come, but I guess I have no choice. I can't keep pushing her down each time to stands up to walk. We'd like to thank Uncle Dan and Aunt Nicole's home with the "take off" steps.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Family Home Evening.....

Oh.. Family Home Evening...each Monday we never know what to expect...will there be fighting, pouting, or even crying? (and that's just from Andy and I) Last Monday it was Cyrus' turn to give the lesson. As we were looking through the Friend magazine Monday morning there was a short story about a missionary. We had found our topic. We had rehearsed a few questions he could ask, cut pictures out for a game, and called Andy to remind him he has treats. He was most excited when after dinner, we put on his suit (a hand-me down from his cousin), name tag, and scriptures. After we got into the front room, Cyrus did not even wait for the prayer or song, he started right in on his lesson. "What do I look like?" he asked with a grin. We all took turns naming things; a bishop, a dad, a Cyrus. When Emily guessed a missionary. He yelled, RIGHT. The game went pretty smooth and Cyrus told us a story about a missionary and the Lamanites. The treat was also FANTASTIC...we love Albertson's cookies:)
Our dilema now is that Emily says she wants to dress up when she gives her lesson next week...I wonder if we'll learn about Cinderella..

Help or Hinder...

When I woke up early Monday morning with extra energy, I created my to-do list and KNEW I was going to get this house cleaner than it had ever been. As the day progressed, the energy dimished, and the hope of completing even one item grew dark. I figured rather than give up and pout (which I do ALOT) I would just pull out the camera and take pictures. Hopefully Andy will look at this blog and get an idea as to why the maid always seems to be on vacation...:)

Are they loading or unloading the dishwasher? Does it really matter?

I wish the older kids were as anxious to help.

I actually did get this bathroom cleaned...during nap time...theirs, not mine.