Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall is Here

On Sunday, we took a family drive through emigration canyon. It was wonderful. Leaves were beautiful, drive was smooth, and the kids were asleep...PEACE ON EARTH!! We decided to pull off and take a little hike on part of the Mormon Trail. Except for the fact that Kelsey wanted to get down and eat rocks off the trail, we had a great time. The kids kept asking why we hadn't been there before. That's a good question....We'll have to go out and do more discovery outings.

Babysitting Techniques

While working on bottling peaches last week, I asked Emily if she would help me by watching the babies. I made sure there were toys in the family room and thought that all Emily would need to do was to play with them. From the kitchen I could see that the babies had other games to play. They would take turns crawling to the stairs. Emily would grab one baby and take her back to the family room as she passed the other baby heading for the stairs. This happened four or five times before Emily got smart and decided to problem solve.

I watched as she took the chairs from our kitchen table and made a bit of a "holding station" for Caitlyn. After making sure that she wouldn't be able to get out, she handed her a Chips Ahoy cookie and a toy, and said, "One baby taken care of."

If anyone needs more babysitting tips, give Emily a call.

Snug as a Bug in a Rug....

Kelsey is a bit of a wild sleeper. We usually find at least one appendage hanging (or stuck) out of the crib. The poor girl was REALLY stuck this time. She's asleep in this picture, but didn't sleep long once we started the routine to unstick those thighs.

Monday, September 8, 2008

San Diego

We took a quick weekend getaway to San Diego over Labor Day weekend. You will notice that we did not take many pictures. The first day we were there, we couldn't find the camera and assumed we had just left it at home. While packing the diaper bag for our second day of adventure, we found it at the bottom of the diaper bag...HOORAY! Too bad we forgot to take any pictures of our day at the beach. Now no one will believe the MASSIVE WAVES we were surfing...oh well. We finally kept the camera handy as we finished up our weekend walking around the San Diego temple grounds as we made our way back to the airport.

This temple is beautiful. We hope to be able to go through it next time we are in town.

Emily on the temple grounds.

Kelsey enjoying her time on the temple grounds. We'd also like to thank Emily for her help in taking this picture. Sorry Andy. ;)

Here is Cyrus throwing a bit of an attitude right in front of the doors to the temple. He didn't want to pose for any pictures...because he'd rather sit...I guess we all have our free agency, even at the temple.

A big thank you to Uncle Doug, Aunt Ginger and their family for reminding us how to be "locals" (right Camille) at the beach. Mike taught Andy the art of boogy boarding and both Cyrus and Emily learned quickly that it's best to keep their mouths closed when playing in the waves. Kelsey discovered that if you eat a sucker while playing in the sand, you can quench both the sweet and salty cravings we get. She loved the water and the sand and crawling away when I wasn't paying attention...weird.

Next time we'll pull out the camera....