Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Cy-man turned 3 on Wednesday! He loved us singing the Happy Birthday song. He would ask all day long....Mom, is it my birthday?...and then wait for me to BURST into song. He would sing along..probably to make sure I got the words right. When we finally got a lighted cake in front of him and sang the song, I think he was bored with the song as he blew out the candles right in the middle of it. Our original plan was to go to Chuck E Cheese pizza, but because of a late work schedule, we ended up going through the drive through at Del Taco. He didn't seem too disappointed. In fact, he was pretty excited because we let him finally get a vanilla shake! Simple Pleasures!! He's such a sweetie! Happy Birthday Cyrus! We love you!

Basketball Gal

Emily joined the city recreation basketball league for boys and girls in kindergarten and 1st grade. It was fun to watch these kids learn the game. Some were actually pretty good, others.....well....they probably won't be joining the NBA. Emily fit pretty good right in the middle. The last game of the season was the most exciting as Emily made two baskets. We've included some GREAT footage for all to enjoy!
In order to teach the kids about guarding another player, each player was given a colored arm band. They were to look for opponent with the same color arm band and play defense. Emily was one of the best defensive players. It didn't matter if her team was on offense or defense, she was on defense. ..even if the ball was on the other side of the court. That's our girl!